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The Final Episode of the Movie Mountain Podcast

December 12, 2016

Hey guys, welcome to the Movie Mountain Podcast! Today is the end. It is the final episode of the Movie Mountain Podcast so today we decide to talk about some of our favorite movies as well as the big week of movie news that we just had. We aren't done with podcasting though. Our new podcast, In the Picture will premiere on January 9th, 2017. It will be on iTunes and as well as on YouTube.


Segment #1: Movie News

- Jimmy Kimmel has been announced to be the host of this years Oscars.

- The first seven minutes of Dunkirk will be shown in select screenings of Rogue One.

- God Particle has been pulled from release and an untitled Cloverfield movie has a release date of October 27, 2017.

- Fast 8 will be called The Fate and the Furious.

- The Justice League sequel's release date has been pushed back to make room for The Batman.

- Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 will be released on July 5, 2019.

- An Inconvenient Truth 2 will open the Sundance Film Festival and will have a later release in 2017.

- Transformers: The Last Knight Teaser Trailer

- The Circle Teaser Trailer

- Baywatch Trailer

- Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer

- War for the Planet of the Apes Trailer


Segment #2: Movies We Saw This Week

- Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe

- Lemon

- Watership Down

- Persepolis

- Hunt for the Wilderpeople

- The Magnificent Seven 2016

- National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

- Elf

- Psycho


Segment #3: Favorite Movies of All Time

- Star Wars Trilogy

- Toy Story

- Casablanca

- Children of Men

- The Blues Brothers

- Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

- Stand by Me

- Moonlight

- Shaun of the Dead

- Hot Fuzz

- The World's End